Monday, May 21, 2012

You Know You're Pregnant When...

...the thought of leaving your newborn to come back to work has you in a mess of tears....and you're only 5 mos pregnant. Ugh.

My boss has been asking me what my plans were & if I wanted to start maternity leave before my due date, or just work up until, etc etc. Obviously she has to plan a substitute in my place while I'm gone... She doesn't know the laws verbatim...she's the President of the company, not an HR Manager. That said, she had me look up some info online today & I was sad to find that VERY small businesses  (aka, my office) can only take 6 weeks off according to the Paid Family Leave Act in CA.  There are a couple of other options to get more time off, but both require you to have more employees. The only other option I have is to take some PTO, but I don't have a ton since I used it for my honeymoon/wedding back in September.

I'm not trying to be negative nelly, I'm certainly blessed to have my Mom & Dad very close by, as well as a husband who doesn't work the same exact schedule, so we'll make it work once I come back from mat leave, but the thought of leaving a 6-7 week old just kills me.  I have no idea how women do it...the ones that have no other choice than to put a newborn in childcare.  Sniff.

I'm pretty sure my boss will allow me to take a week or more extra off, as she's always been super accommodating, but until she says those words....Plus, we're super slow in Nov/Dec anyways.

*Update: I haven't even finished this post & she's already emailed me to say she thinks I can take 10 weeks.* We'll see....

On a positive note, I definitely popped these last two weeks. When I thought I was showing in the beginning, I wasn't. Well maybe I was just a bit, but to most people it looked like nothing. I have always had a super flat stomach, so any bit of pooch was showing to me.  Here are some belly shot comparisons. And I know, I'm only going to get bigger. EEEEEK!

13 - ish weeks

15 - ish weeks

20 weeks & 4 days, aka TODAY.

Hoping these will be fun to look back on.  Keep ya posted on the maternity leave.



  1. Awww look at the Momma. I hope the time off works out for the best for all involved.

  2. so looking pregnant, soooo cute!!! Try not to stress about maternity, I think things have a way of working out. I was way stressed and it worked out just fine, major cut in expenses, but fine just the same.

  3. Thx April ;) That's what my Mom keeps saying.