Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you Jeezus.

This is a quick one. The True Blood S4 premiere was kick ass!  I was a bit reticent from the sneak previews I'd seen.  I wasn't sure if it would be all fairy bullshit & no Eric hotness. Boy did HBO deliver for the first epi. I totally get that they have to go back and sort of bring you up to speed, as well as introduce all of the new things...but I was super satisfied.  I even got to watch epi 2 on my friends lap top...minus the last 8 minutes because the feed froze. Boo!

Anyhoo, 2 hours of TB back to back after almost a year of with drawl! Thank you jeezus & thank you HBO!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm So Excited!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  So typically I post my wedding "stuff" over here, but since this particular post from earlier had Twilight in it, I decided to post it on Twired. It's an invitation vote, so head over there & give me your two-cents!

Moving on... I just started watching "Why Not" with Shania Twain on OWN.  I used to be a huge fan & was super excited to find out where she'd been & what was in store for her future. Shania's  life practically fell apart when she found out her husband and best girlfriend were having an affair with each other.  Oddly enough, she is now with her ex-best girlfriends ex's almost as if they found solace in each other after they'd both been cheated on...and ended up falling in love. Basically, the show chronicles her journey of recovery. All of that sorrow put her into some sort of depression that she says, "stole her voice." Of course not literally, but she truly felt like she couldn't' belt out the same notes anymore & refused to perform until she "got her voice back" so to speak. . During the documentary, she meets with people along that way that each offer some sort of insight & or's fascinating. I especially loved the episode where she goes to Caesar's Palace in Vegas to check out the Colosseum. The higher-ups at Caesar's were trying to convince her to consid singing there for a period of time...much like Celine Dion did for a couple of years.  At that point, she wasn't quite ready, but loved the venue & idea of it all.

It's only been several week since that episode aired & I have been desperately hoping she'd agree eventually. AND GUESS WHAT?!  She did! 

Here's the vid from her press conference in Tennessee (where the CMT awards are taking place this evening)

BLOGGER IS BEING AN A**HOLE and wont let me embed the vid, so here you go.

"Still The One" begins December 1st, 2012! Tickets go on sale June 19th!  There is an AMEX pre-sale, details about that in the vid.

I'm just sooooooo EXCITED!  Speaking of being excited.....I feel like this:

Once again, BLOGGER IS STILL BEING AN A**HOLE, here's the LINK. Watch it, trust me. I guarantee you have felt this way at one point or another in your life.

Back to are some pics of her getting her star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood :)

With her new man <3

Just had to share my excitement.

Thank goodness VEGAS is only a 5-6 hour car ride of 1 hr flight. Woot Woot!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Moments Of Timeless Pleasure"

You know how sometimes it's just the simple things in life, that if given it to, make your day? Ok, maybe not your day, more along the lines of about 10 minutes...

This my friends, made 10 minutes of my afternoon very very enjoyable:

A single scoop of Rocky Road Ice Cream.

I fought back and forth with myself as to whether or not I should walk across the street to get this.  I only do it once a month or so, and considering all I ate today were some small Thai Spring rolls from Lean Cusine, I went for it. And boy was it worth it....I was in chocolate ice cream heaven for a good 8 minutes or so.  I savored every last bit as if it were some delicious forbidden fruit.

I find it odd that I adore *good* ice cream so much. I never loved ice cream like other kids. In fact, I could never understand why kids my age went so bonkers for it....It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I really started to crave it.

Ultimately I can't beat myself up. I guess if I gave into my cravings all the time, I'd be in trouble...I just give into the overwhelming ones. Gluttony is not my least not very often ;)

Here's some pictures of other treats (of the edible variety) that I absolutely LOVE...but don't eat all the time...or I'd probably be very overweight & have a sticky heart.

Actually, even more than that. I LUST BACON. 

My love for Cheese is borderline dangerous. All in moderation.
Oh & I lied, I do eat cheese, all the damn time.

French Fries & Ranch Dressing...DELISH!

Taco Bell Crunch Wrap = Heaven in a Tortilla.

Chicken Tenders + Ranch Dressing = LOVE

I sense a salty theme going........

Chocolate Souflee' is fabulous.

 I think that's all. The only thing I eat regularly is cheese. Have I told you I love cheese? ;)

What's your favorite guilty pleasaure of the food kind?

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to WORK OUT!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Periods, Poop & Pee...OH MY!

***First and foremost, this post is full of female-esque' TMI, just sayin'***

That said, you've got to love DG. I realized once again this evening how lucky I truly am.  I was sitting on the toilet peeing of course, as DG walks in to turn on the shower.  Granted we have two bathrooms, but I happened to be in the only one that we shower in. As he walks in, I quickly close my legs, carefully wipe and hurry to flush the toilet while guarding his view.

You see, I'm on my period...

DG's response, "Babe, you know that stuff doesn't bother me..."

Me, "I know, but I'm still trying to spare you the bloody mess."

DG, "It's not a big deal babe..."

I find this funny & very disturbing all at the same time.

Sure we have been together over 6 years, but I know & have heard of many men who would not be that chill about the whole period thing.  Yes he had Sisters, & yes he used to be an EMT....but it's never bothered him. I'm sure some of you are thinking his exposure to these things might lessen his attraction to me...oh contrare (sp?) my dear friends, it truly doesn't phase him.  I even went through cervical surgery a few years back & he dealt with the aftermath of my recovery me freaking out while in the shower because I thought my insides were falling apart...He came in, inspected the evidence and said I'm sure it's just dead tissue babe, remember they explained that, you're ok.

For real?!

DG & I have always been super open with each other...He was misdiagnosed (in his opinion) with Chrones disease at the age of 21 & had 3 feet of his intestine removed....Fortunately he hasn't had any 'major' issues since, so his lifelong symptoms seem more indicative of colistitis or severe IBS.  And myself, well I definitely have anxiety derived IBS to a certain degree. Needless to say, we have both experienced our share of issues together. That said, NO we don't poop in front of each other, but we also aren't secretive about it.  AND YES, we do pee in front of each other.   I still know couples that don't. To each his/her own I guess.

How open are you with your spouse or significant other?  Are they squeamish?

Just curious....

Side note: We don't bump uglies while I'm on my period...he's not into it & I wouldn't dare. I know...maybe we are the weird ones....