Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Swallowed A Basketball.


Yup, it's all in front, just like I swallowed a basketball.

It's interesting the theories people have...some say if you're all in front that it's a boy & that if it's more around the sides, it's a girl. BUT I beg to differ. I hear the ideology the other way around as well, but not as often. I have also had people guess based on how low or high my belly is. Everyone seems to have an opinion. I however, think it's all a bunch of hubalub...and yes, I just used that word.  I was carrying super low up until about 6.5 mos. Now it's in the middle. Anyways, everyone thinks it's a boy, from my family (including DG) to friends & even random strangers. My Dad is the only one who thinks it's a girl. My Mom claims to not have a feeling, but she always used to tell me my first would be a boy. 

Doctors & books will tell you that the way you carry has to do with your body type & uterus shape/position. This makes a whole heck of a lot more sense to me. I have always had a SUPER flat stomach...

About 12 weeks.

.... & a pretty defined waist line, plus I'm super short, so it would only make sense that the baby has nowhere to go but out. In case anyone thinks I'm bragging about my pre-pregnancy stomach, I have a totally flat ass, bowed legs & big arms for a girl, so there. We all have our "things."

Baby G very well could be a boy, but I swear I'd carry this way if it was a girl....I could be wrong, but I  highly doubt it.

Thoughts? Opinions? Do you agree that it's a bunch of crap?

PS Random side note, my boobs haven't gotten bigger. Just a hair, but they were on the smaller side of my norm before I got pregnant...anyone else's not get any bigger? Everything I read says they're supposed to blow up...and I think DG was sort of looking fwd to it. I guess it won't happen till my milk comes in....


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm Lame. That's All.

Seriously, it's been over 2 months since I have posted! I promised myself I'd use this place as a vessel to vent, to celebrate, to oogle & obsess. I'm so lame.  Oh well, I guess the lack of wine in my daily diet has thrown a curve ball at my frankly, my energy hasn't been the greatest, nor has my patience.

That being said, here I sit, 33 weeks pregnant & about embark on a crazy journey. I have wanted to be a Mom for as far back as I can remember, though it's funny how when it's actually about to happen, you start second guessing your ability to even be a Mom. May sound weird, but I guess it's just anxiety...the thought that I am responsible for this human being for the next 18+  years, 30+ if you live in California and can't afford to move out :) Nonetheless, it's very strange mix of feelings.

Oh, and I can barely see my toes.

My view.

So why have I chosen today to post here? Not for any particular reason...maybe boredom, annoyance? Let's see, my work email is down, I can send them but not receive....and they are intermittently jack-hammering outside of my office window. Fabulous.

On a positive note, I'll only be working out of this office for the next 3 weeks! Am I going on early maternity leave? NOPE! We're going to be working from home! Sweeeeeeet. Yup, my boss decided she was sick of this office after 16 years & was ready for a change. The company is just the two of us plus an accounting lady, & though we stay busy, it's not what it used to be before the economy crashed, so essentially there is no need for the extra space.  Plus, 95% of our correspondence with clients is done via email. Aside from site inspections & nights where we have events, we can do everything from home. My boss has a full office in her home & she works from there most of the Summer anyways, as her 2 kids are in and out of camps. This isn't to stay we'd never explore the option of getting a smaller office, but she figured we'd give the home thing a shot. Oh, and I'm taking the full 12 weeks off for maternity leave starting Oct 1st (unless Baby G comes earlier than that.)  I may cut the 2nd 6 weeks of leave short & do some part time work from home (in which case she'll pay me hourly)...I really couldn't ask for a better situation, especially considering I was so upset at the prospect of leaving a 12 week old to come back in the office 5 days a week/8hrs a day.  Of course this won't come without it's challenges, but fortunately DG is off 2 days during the week & my Mom can watch the baby when I need to give certain things my utmost concentration & he's at work. I figure it will be easier in the beginning when the baby is mostly eating & sleeping... but I'll progressively need more help the older the baby gets and more interaction they require (i.e. crawling, walking etc..) But again, it's a much better scenario than being away 40+ hours a week.

Has anyone else worked from home with a baby? I welcome ALL advice.

Till next time...

And the jack-hammering just started again. FML.