Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Swallowed A Basketball.


Yup, it's all in front, just like I swallowed a basketball.

It's interesting the theories people have...some say if you're all in front that it's a boy & that if it's more around the sides, it's a girl. BUT I beg to differ. I hear the ideology the other way around as well, but not as often. I have also had people guess based on how low or high my belly is. Everyone seems to have an opinion. I however, think it's all a bunch of hubalub...and yes, I just used that word.  I was carrying super low up until about 6.5 mos. Now it's in the middle. Anyways, everyone thinks it's a boy, from my family (including DG) to friends & even random strangers. My Dad is the only one who thinks it's a girl. My Mom claims to not have a feeling, but she always used to tell me my first would be a boy. 

Doctors & books will tell you that the way you carry has to do with your body type & uterus shape/position. This makes a whole heck of a lot more sense to me. I have always had a SUPER flat stomach...

About 12 weeks.

.... & a pretty defined waist line, plus I'm super short, so it would only make sense that the baby has nowhere to go but out. In case anyone thinks I'm bragging about my pre-pregnancy stomach, I have a totally flat ass, bowed legs & big arms for a girl, so there. We all have our "things."

Baby G very well could be a boy, but I swear I'd carry this way if it was a girl....I could be wrong, but I  highly doubt it.

Thoughts? Opinions? Do you agree that it's a bunch of crap?

PS Random side note, my boobs haven't gotten bigger. Just a hair, but they were on the smaller side of my norm before I got pregnant...anyone else's not get any bigger? Everything I read says they're supposed to blow up...and I think DG was sort of looking fwd to it. I guess it won't happen till my milk comes in....



  1. Let me just state for the record that you have done extremely well with keeping your body in shape during your pregnancy. Not an easy task.
    I was HUGE with my son, and had the basketballs with my daughters...the total opposite of the superstitions. So, you never know!!
    (I did get heartburn with the girls and not with my son...don't know if that means anything either. lol)

  2. Thanks M. I have gained weight in my thighs & arms though, you just can't see in the pics ;) I guess most end up gaining a bit of weight aside from just their belly. I have a Doc appt tomorrow and am scared to get on the scale. My goal is no more than 30lbs. My Doc said 25 is ideal since I'm so short, but I hear most say 25-35lbs is good.

    Interesting about the heart burn...I haven't had any until recently...a few bouts of acid reflux in the middle of the night. No morning sickness (i.e. never threw up, but felt nauseous occasionally) or tiredness the 1st trimester, severe sacrum pain (tailbone, butt, back of pelvis area) that started in the 2nd trimester and is still going, and now SUPER tired all the time because I'm barely sleeping. Interesting how every woman experiences pregnancy differently.

    Guess only time will tell if the is a little dude or dudette ;)

    xo J

  3. So if you swallowed a basketball, then when you have your baby you really will have a bouncing baby boy or girl ;) tee hee