Sunday, March 27, 2011

Purple's Cool.

Yup, this is my wedding "To Do List." My Sis Sarah (known in our Twi blog as Elusive S) finally cracked the whip, "Jenni, MAKE A LIST!" It's not like I hadn't made little To Do Lists EVERY FREAKIN' DAY. In fact, I'm a HUGE list maker. I love lists. More often than I'd like to admit, my lists get lost. Some are just thrown away or simply forgotten about because I've accomplished everything on them. Hey, that's gotta make me feel good, right?
Yah......that's the real one, the updated one....per Sarah's suggestion. I'm thinking it needs to be laminated. Hmm....quite a few of you may think this is NOTHING...heck, I have 6 months! But you know how it is with RL. Sure 5 months ago, pre new job, I would have had more time. But now working 9-5:30 (and refusing to wake up any earlier than 7:45am) and sometimes staying a litter little later if I have an event, trying to squeeze in a work out here and there, remembering to pay my bills, and keep the house clean cause....makes this all bit more daunting. Side note: DG does most of the cooking. It does help now that it's staying lighter later. I don't feel this immediate pull to rush home. Anyhoo, here are the things that are done: The venue is secured. The flowers are decided...almost. See pics below. The DJ is decided. The dress is bought. The ceremony music is taken care of. Big stuff is done...right?!?

FLOWERS...something along these lines: Have I mentioned I have always loved Purple.... "purple's cool."

The Maid of Honor dress Sarah and I are both LOVING:

Thoughts, suggestions, words of encouragement....ALL is much appreciated :)


  1. I love those puple flowers. Plus they go with the bridesmaid dress. Are you having a big, big wedding or a smaller one with just as many details.

    When the wedding planning gets too overwhelming, just sit back & focus on the marriage for a while. The love & future you will be having together is much more important than if one little details doesn't work out perfectly.

  2. Thanks TM!

    We have invited about 100, but will probably be 80 ish?!


  3. Adore the purple flowers and the floating candles is a great idea.

    As for the dress, FLOVE it! So friggin pretty.

    I know that everything will work out and your list will get completed. Good luck!!!

  4. LOVE IT!

    Love the blog, love the purple flowers, epesh.

    oh, and, love you sweetie. xxx

  5. I said this on your original blog not sure you saw it.

    Went to a wedding where the bride was real artsy and had purple flowers mixed with orange like tiger lilies and the colors really played nicely off each other even though it doesn't sound great. If you are looking for another color to offset the purple, ask the florist to show you that combination and see if you like it.

  6. Hey kiTT, thanks! I am so horrible with following up on comments. The orange sounds gorgeous. I'm going to email you the color combo I like...Not sure how to use it with the orchids. I'm sooo particular about what color orchids. Some are too blue, some too magenta...I want dark purple.

  7. I flove that dress! OMG - I want to buy it just so I can wear it to a party. Sooo pretty.

    Purple *is* cool - and it actually goes with a lot of things, IMO. Love all the pics!!