Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

As most of you know, Comic Con kicked off here in San Diego this past Thursday and ends this evening. Comic Con never peaked my interest much, other than presenting a great people watching opportunity when I used to work in a hotel.  It definitely has my attention now, seeing as Summit has started using it as a platform to promote Twilight.  I was actually reading the books for the first time during Comic Con of 2009. Little did I know that the entire cast was just a few short miles from my home.

Fast forward to this year: I didn't buy tickets to Comic Con primarily because I'd just spent money on an amazing trip to Forks with the Twitards and was trying not to spend friviously with our upcoming wedding....Also, I felt that I'd already had some amazing opportunities with Twilight , that it wasn't the end of the world if I didn't go.......Then True Blood reared it's sexy, dirty & addictive head.  Eric the show consumed me. Then of course I started having serious regrets about not buyint tickets...but of course tickets were no longer available.
Admittedly, Alexander Skarsgard has quickly become my new obsession. It's not that Rob has gone by the way side by any means. Rob will always be "that guy" for's just that I feel different about Alexander. Sure, the characters they portray are both great to fantasize about. But I don't often see Rob as anything other than shy, goofy & ridiculously beautiful. He's an enigma to me.... untouchable.... and I love that he's appears so happy with Kirsten.  Much like Rob, I only came to find Alex attractive after seeing him play the role of Eric.  It allowed me to see a much sexier side of him. Typically blondes don't do it for me....but boy does this man do unexplainable things to me....and YES, quite a bit of that stems from the fact that he's all kinds of ridiculous sexyness on the show.  Most of the sexual appeal comes from the fact that he's intimidating, intelligent and yet somehow someway, vulnerable.

Originally, ASkars wasn't announced for the 2011 True Blood panel, but about a week or so before, his name started popping up. I felt helpless.  I had to see him! Was it too good to be true? I'd already seen the cast of Twilight (more importantly, ROB) 3 times...was I pushing my luck to try and see ASkars?! Thursday night as I lied in bed, this picture surfaced on the internet:

 ASkars & Ryan Kwanton attended the Summit party atop the Hard Rock Hotel.

The Eagle had landed...Alexander Skarsgard was in San Diego partying it up & I had to attempt sleep?  He was a mere 12 minutes from my house...I felt like crying. Ok, I did. A little bit. That's when I texted my equally ASkars obsessed friend "C." I proclaimed that after work we should plant our asses in the HR Hotel lobby in hopes of seeing him after the TB panel. I'd been hanging out in front HR earlier in the day on my break and watched Ryan Kwanten walk the odds seemed pretty descent. Part of me wanted to believe I'd make it happen, and the other part of me had serious doubts.

Long story even longer, that evening we walked into the HR looking like we belonged...We couldn't decide if we should hang in the lobby, NOBU (we later found out Jessica Biel was in there!) or outside.  We finally came to a decision when we saw a few people get up from the cushy lounge seats in the middle of the lobby.  I quickly realized we weren't the only ones who had this idea ;) All in all though, there were probably 15 of us.

Kate Beckinsale walked by, Jason Momoa, Channing Tatum...but no ASKars. About an hour past and then there was a bit of commotion outside & as I spotted THIS, my whole life flashed before my eyes...

Picture courtesy of my friend C.  She had a camera, I had a blackberry.
You can see Ryan Kwanten to the lower right of ASkars..the TALL GUY ;)

I'm not entirely sure what happened next, all I know is he walked through at a somewhat steady pace. A small crowed surrounded him and his manager/bodyguards (?) not quite sure what or who they were.  Most wanted autographs....and I think most were paparazzi.  He stopped to pose with the first girl that got to him and then maybe another

He was laughing at another lady, NOT the chick near him. thing I knew I just said "Alex, would you please take a picture with me, I'm a HUGE fan!" I don't remember what he said back...I think he smiled?! I then swooped in &  put my left arm around his waist and waited (WITH MY LEFT ARM AROUND HIS WAIST!) while simultaneously chucking my crackberry at C. Thankfully she used her camera instead.



After taking a picture of C & ASkars...

Love that she wore her Merlotte's shirt!

I kept clicking away on her least I think it was me. LOL!

I absofrickinlutely LOVE C's face in this one. She's in a ASkars/RKwan sandwich.
The paparazzi was making him was pretty funny.

Boyish charm.

I took this one on my crackberry, hence the quality.

After taking these pictures I turned around to see Ryan hanging back. He's soooo shy!  We asked if he'd mind taking a picture with us and he obliged. C had a mini-convo w/ him, but for the life of me I can't remember EXACTLY what it was about. Something to do with his real accent and the show. Gah!

He was so shy & seem surprised we wanted to take a pic with him.

After the madness died down (all of 3-5 minutes) I just kept repeating OMG, OMG, OMG.  I truthfully felt as if I might vomit. The adrenalin rush was so intense the chunks rose in my throat at a rapid pace. I literally had to do some serious deep breathing.

I really can't believe it all panned out the way I could only fantasize.  I'm still in awe. Oh, and for any of you wondering what he was like....I give you three words:




Ok, that was 5, but I'm sure you're not judging me.

Now for some FUN :)

Couldn't resist.  Gah! So hot.

P.S.  For those of you interested, I will be giving you "my take" on Breaking Dawn & Comic Con over at Twired. For now, stay tuned :)


***ALL of these pictures (aside from the one atop the Hard Rock, credit to JUST JARED) belong to my friend & me. If you want to use them, please just ask. Thank you.


  1. Aww Jen, I'm so happy for you!! That totally ROCKS!

  2. OH MY, OH MY, OH MY!! YOU MET RYAN!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I just think he's adorable.

    Askars, the man stands out in a crowd, doesn't he? He looked hawt! Look how dressed up he was just to meet you Jen!

  3. That's so exciting Jen! I'm so happy you got to meet him!!


    SO, so, happy for you. Truly.

  5. I am in heaven for you. I've seen Ryan before when I went to his premier for Red Hill, but Alex... I never did get to see him when he was filming in Hawaii and THAT pisses me off. I need you to live by me!!!

    And I agree with you. That man does do things... Alex if HOOOOOOOOT!!!! Yeah for you girlfriend!!!

  6. Oops, sorry for the spelling error above.

  7. S C O R E!! YAY for you Jen! That is soooo awesome!

  8. SCORE!

    BTW, if you liked Ryan's accent, you'll love mine :-)

  9. I love your gusto. It got you in Escala and now it got you pictures with ASkars. Good for you!