Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ASkars, Let's Make Babies.

According to US Weekly...


Guess it wasn't true love!

After nearly two years together, True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard and 21 actress Kate Bosworth have called it quits, Us Weekly has confirmed exclusively.

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"It was very mutual," a source tells the new issue of Us (on newsstands Wednesday). "And it happened a while ago."

While Bosworth, 28, was photographed giving her ex, Orlando Bloom (now married to Miranda Kerr) a friendly hug on July 7, her Straw Dogs costar Skarsgard has been embracing his freedom.

During a July 21 Film District bash at Comic-Con in San Diego, the actor, 34, flirted with a brunette -- and left the party with her. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE!

"He's single," confirms a source, "and he is loving the attention!"


I'm taking this as a sign. I mean it was bound to happen, right?  We'd make a great couple, we could even role-play as "Eric & Sookie." I'd let him bite me if he wanted,  I'd even wear the Merlotte's outfit sans undies.

You think I'm delusional, right? I'm not the only one that thinks this, several friends have pointed out that we'd make a good couple, one who's never met DG even thought he was my  fiance'. *Snickers*

"He SO wants you to have his babies"  "oh he SO wants you"   "Maybe he REALLY likes you..."

"Absolutely no offense against the fiance, but DAYUM you two would make a gorgeous couple! And have beautiful babies!"

Don't we look happy together?
Look at him trying to be all sexy for the camera.
We'd make some pretty babies too...primarily from his genes, but I'm willing to accept that.
Alexander if you ever see this, EMAIL ME.
The s/o doesn't have to know ;)
Love & Kisses,

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