Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cake or Cupcakes...Decisions, Decisions...

Cakes cool. Kind of. Ok fine, I haven't ever been a fan of cake. It's usually dry and somewhat less than thrilling. Cupcakes however tend to be moister.  Gah, I hate that word! MOIST *shivers*

When I asked one of my close girlfriends what she thought regarding a cake vs cupcakes for my wedding, she brought about a good point, or so I thought at the time. She said that you can eat cupcakes for any occasion, but how often do you get to have a wedding cake?  True. But how often do you get to have wedding cupcakes?  I get what she's saying. 

I don't want to be trendy, and I know wedding cupcakes are sort of a trendy thing to do these day.  But I like them.  I'm very particular though, on colors.  My overall color is dark purple, plum..whatever you want to call it. I HATE LAVENDER. HATE IT.  I don't really have a theme. Is this a bad thing?  Am I supposed to have a theme to my wedding? I don't like themes...that, or I'm truly just NOT creative.  I'm thinking purple Makora Orchids floating in clear vases for my centerpieces, however I don't want the overall theme to be tropical, JUST because I like purple orchids. Get my drift?

Anyhoo, I'm cake tasting at a place called Baby Cakes on Sat, so I assume I need to have a better idea of what it is I want, right?

Here are some pics I found on the internet...I don't LOVE them...but they're NICE. 

Why can't I find anything I love?!

Thoughts, advice, warnings? It's all appreciated!



  1. Jen I am such a sucker for wedding cakes! Both pics you have here I love! I like to watch those cake shows.

    Here's the one thing about weddings--by the time the cake comes no one eats it or they eat a couple bites because they are either so full from dinner or already had too much to drink. One of the best weddings I ever went to the waitress asked would you like the cake now or to go. They make special to-go bags for the cake too. So we left that night with two little bags with cake in it that we ate the next day.

    If that is something you wanted to do then the cupcakes wouldn't work so well or they would have to be boxed--more $$$.

    But whichever you fall in love with the look of you should go with.

    And I think 'Babycakes' might have been on a show I watched. ;)

  2. Love purple...that's my fave color :) I don't think you necessarily need to have a theme, just so long as everything works together. One of my girlfriends got married last year and she used orchids as her flowers and her wedding wasn't tropical at all.

    I wouldn't worry about wedding cupcakes being trendy, if that's what you like, then that's what you should do. I personally love them, but I'm a fan of wedding cakes too.

    If you're considering fondant at all you should make sure to taste theirs first, some fondant is just nasty. Guests can peel it off, but it's just something to think about.

  3. Squee! You have a wedding blog! I'mma stalk you now.
    OK, cake or cupcakes, totally up to you, just make sure it tastes good. We had a pastry chef friend make our cake for us, and people still tell me how good it was, because most wedding cake sucks. I second what LMSE sad about fondant, and I like TT's idea about to-go bags... I'd bet you could find cheapo boxes for cupcakes somewhere and decorate them yourself if you went that route.

    And don't worry about trendy or themes - just stay true to you (and DG) and what you love and want and it will all come together and be lovely.

  4. I'm the last person to give wedding advice, but you asked, so here goes.

    Who cares if what is or isn't trendy. It's your wedding so do what you want. There are so many tasty wedding cakes out there that put "regular" cakes to shame.

    The bakery you choose may have better ideas than what you could find since they do this all the time. Give a few bakeries the general outline of what you want & see who comes up with the best idea.


    I'm really hungry. I'd go with the cupcakes but that's because I love cupcakes. :)

  6. Love the to-go idea from TongueTwied...

    NO fondant... Remember I played around w/it for your 30th? NASTY. PRICY. Only looks pretty.

    I like the purple ribbon square tiered cake without the baubles and flowers... or with orchids done tastefully... I think I still have some cake photos... will email.

  7. mmm k so I think you should do red velvet- except purple velvet! (the only thing that makes red velvet red is food coloring- this would be really unique) and could work with either cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake.

    Also cupcake boxes are really cheap when ordered wholesale- I can get you a link. You could do individual boxes so people could take them to go. (Maybe with a sticker on top with wedding date/initials etc etc? You can always just get a cake topper so you have something to cut.

    If you went with cake you could do just a simple exterior and have your florist put those pretty orchids that you like on the cake (and there is fondant that tastes good! I've had it, but if you go fondant you have to make them put a layer of buttercream on first- best of both worlds!) sortaaa like this- or this

  8. You gals are so sweet and have given me so much great advice and things to think about.

    Christie- I totally dig that orchid cake...if the orchids were more purple and less magenta..but tit for tat.

    Great idea on the to go boxes as well everyone!

    So much to think about!

    xo J

  9. Hi Jen,

    My friends had a cupcake pyramid, with a small actual cake on the top layer, so that they had something to cut, and to keep the traditionalists (grandmas) happy. It was a great mix.

    Amy xx

  10. do what YOU want to do, and get what tastes good to you and DG....that's really all that matters..there are no rules.....AND, the 'to go' boxes are an excellent idea!!!!


  11. and why do i have to do a stupid word verification??? nhfhjeiowoi098u786567&**(()(..SO THERE!