Friday, April 8, 2011

High On A Bagel.

I think I'm high on a bagel right now.  I didn't bring my lunch to work & didn't relish in the thought of buying it again.  I'm trying to be responsible with my $, come wedding and all.  So I walked over to Starbucks. Their assortment of food was pretty impressive, however nothing appealed to me. I know, you're probably thinking I wasn't really hungry. Trust me I was. I hadn't had anythingn but coffee, and it was 12PM.  As I was saying, nothing appealed to me until I saw an Asiago bagel staring back at me....oh good gawd it was love at first site.

Now, I'm not feelin' so great. Sure it was delicious, but it's 3pm and I'm starving of course. I also feel a bit loopy...a carb crash I guess.  My cramps also might be playing into my loopiness too. Hmm......

Have you ever had the Asiago bagel from Einsteins? They're much better than the one I had at Starbucks...My favorite is the Einstein Everything Bagel. That thing is an orgasm in your mouth. Trust.

Sadly, bagels are not great for you. Starbucks Asagio bagel is 310 calories, and Ensteins is 360. NOT a huge difference. However considering it's the only thing I have eaten today, I think I'm doing pretty good. Kidding people, kidding.

Off to find something else to stick in my mouth ;)

What's your favorite kind of bagel???



  1. Oh, I love bagels. My favorite is Cinnamon Raisen.

    Speaking of watching your $$, I try to keep a few snacks in my desk for such occasions. My favorite is lite popcorn. Maximum yummy for minimum calories.

  2. I love you but Einstein bagels are... Well, they make really good bagels on the east coast. Maybe i should send you some??? My fave bagel EVER was from a brick oven place in Montreal. AMAZING. A bagel should give your jaw a workout! Gotta keep that shit in shape... : )

    p.s. SO glad i found you here!!! love it...

  3. STY- I have never had an East Coast bagel...I hear they're pretty delicious!