Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Brain, YOU SUCK.

I just received a tweet from my Kiwi friend Amy, when something she said made me bring up ASkars(shock of all shocks.) It then hit me like a ton of shit bricks...I dreamed about him the other night. AGAIN! What is this? #4?!  Looking back, I remember waking up to pee and stumbling to the bathroom...As I started to pee, I realized I'd been dreaming about ASkars. Of couse an immense smile spread  across my half awake self.  Though I felt a bit foggy, I made a conscious effort to remember it. You know how it goes; you wake up from an awesome dream only to go back to sleep and forget the entire thing. FML!  I wasn't going to let that happen I said to myselfl, I was going to consciously remember every last detail so I could replay it here in all it's sex gawd glory....Did that happen? NOPE!

Dear Brain, YOU SUCK! All I can remember at this point is that it was Alexanader Skarsgard that I was interacting with. In previous dreams it's been a mix of him & Eric Northman. This time it was pure Swedish  actor delight...and, we were getting along fabulously. Unlike the akwardness that prevailed in others before. It's good to know our relationship is getting better..........

......in my dreams.

This could be me.
 Except I don't resemble Lady Ga Ga.

I'm wondering if my increase in drinking has anything to do with my SUCKY brain? Sure I'm consuming about 2-3-4 glasses of wine per night, whereas before I was at about 2....I think it's just the stress from work and the impending nuptials (mine) that have me a little on edge.


Would you believe me if I said this magnet was on my fridge?

What's sort of interesting is that I used to drink more beer than I did wine. However though the last year or so I have progressed to predominantly wine. Yay wine! I don't know, I still really love the taste of beer, more than wine sometimes, but it just makes me so bloated!

Do you ever make a conscious effort to remember a particular dream?

Do you like wine? Does beer make ya bloated?

Tell me in the comments!



  1. I like wine, I like beer, I like being mentioned in blog posts! Glad I helped you to remember, bb xxx

  2. At least it was ASkars! I had a dream last night Pacey was trying to get it on with me.

    AS IF!

  3. :) I took that picture after opening a bottle of their Private Selection Merlot.. delicious! I totally just posted this on your other blog, but I found a new word that I love! Perhaps we need to start a wine blog! :)


    Oenophiles FTMFW.

  4. Oh shit, I forgot to write what I originally wanted to say... I had a dream about Eric, in ASkars form last night. :) I was pleading for my life. It was HOT.