Tuesday, May 24, 2011


funny how he always find himself in these posts...

Ok, not nekkid like that...although I must commend him for his smokin' hot bod form.
I'm talking nekkid like this...


no make-up / wet hair

Ok, not brutal, but certainly not walk out of the house ready.

 Geeez, why are us women so hard on ourselves?  I mean really, it's not terrible...ish.

I know everyone feels different about themselves, and it also depends on your age. Typically, the older you get, the harder it is to see yourself fresh out of the shower. Wait, I take that back...at least when pertaining to myself. I have ALWAYS been a bit hard on myself. But aren't we all?!

I don't wear tons of make up, but I also haven't ever been the type to go to work with just mascara or lip gloss. I tend to also have a bit of eye shadow and concealer to go along with.  Maybe it's because I have always been on stage, so to speak. Working at a Concierge desk in the past, I was the centerpiece of the lobby. Really. I had to look presentable.  Now, I work in a private office with one other person.  One would think I'd go to work sans make up. NOPE. There is always the chance I'll have to go meet a client unexpectedly.  It's not too often that it happens, but when it does I don't want to look blah.  Hmm, maybe I should start keeping a spare stash of make up at the office for such occasions? That way I can wear less make up during the day. Granted, I don't wear as much make up as some people...on a typical work day I wear a shear tinted spf lotion, bronzer or blush, eye shadow, mascara & gloss. It takes me all of 8 minutes.

When I really think about it, I'm more concerned with my hair. If my hair is done, I'll go run errands sans make up, or with just a hint of mascara...but if my hair isn't to my liking, I wont leave the house. I guess that's a different post. Why was I writing about make up again? Oh yeah, I was staring at myself in the mirror after my bubble bath with a scowl on my face ;)

All this said, I was originally going to get my make up done for the wedding by Brian Bond. He's done celebs such as Kendra Wilkinson & Kim Kardashian. Granted, he does do simple make up too. BUT now I'm afraid that I might still feel like it's too much.  I wonder if I'm just stressing unnecessarily?! I plan to do a trial, but the trial costs $95!  Wonder if it's worth it....
What's your take on make up? Hair? Do you beat yourself up? 

 Tell me, in the comments.



  1. I'll never venture out without some makeup on...I use the minerals base with a bronzer and some lip gloss and mascara, on casual days. Otheriwse, I really love makeup and love to play up my eyes.
    If my hair is bad news, I have a few tricks I can play with it before I stay inside, but bad hair is a reason to stay home more than lack of makeup.
    Getting your makeup done is great because you want to PHOTOGRAPH well, don't worry about it being too much. You'll be great...

  2. Hi sweetie,

    I'm a no-makeup girl. People are always going on about "you've got beautiful skin" which I am grateful for, but really I've just never been bothered. I get out of bed 20 minutes before I leave for work and makeup would add more time to that. If I'm dressing to impress, I will throw on some powder, mascara and eyeliner, and lip gloss. It's not hugely common though.

    My hair, on the other hand, is short and needs to be cut every 6 weeks or so. I go to a hairdresser where my parents live (2 hours south) because it is less than half the price of a salon in the city. Shame I haven't made the trip for a while - will be going immediately before I fly to the US that's for sure!

    A few years ago I shaved my head for the charity I work for. That experience taught me that people really focus on your face and more people commented on my skin then than ever. Made me realise we don't always need to cover up.

    You're gorgeous, btw, sans makeup xxx