Friday, May 6, 2011

I Just Hit The Jackspot

If you're anything like me, you go through these random phases of exploring YouTube. You know how it is, one search leads to another search which leads you to a documentary about deworming kids in Somalia [points if you can tell me what movie that's from.]

Anyhoo I occasionally get this urge to search for TV show's I used to watch. My Sister and I went on this rampage one time of emailing each other old TV shows and raving about how the music or characters brought us straight back to childhood. It was all very nostalgic.

For the first time tonight I decided to search for Baywatch & I hit the jackpot...all seasons and episodes appeared to be at my fingertips! I cannot believe I'd never thought to. Laugh as you may, but I was obsessed. Being from Southern California & practically growing up in the ocean, it's not surprising that I took a stalker like obsession liking to the show. YES, I knew it was unrealistic. Hello, 1/2 the female life guards in San Diego at the time had tits the size of a 3 year old and were probably quite content diving for clams, if you get my drift.

Umm Pam, how come there's a giant space between your boobs?

This isn't to say that their weren't any hot female or male lifeguards, but they were far and few between. AND, it's a lot more work than Baywatch depicted. Even the simplist of minds could see that... From my Baywatch obsession came my desire to be a lifeguard...or so I thought. I took 2 Summers of Junior Lifeguards and decided it wasn't for me. I was already a competitive swimmer, & doing both simultaneously burned me I have always been content with mediocrity. Take that with that a grain of salt ;)

Anyways, through my Baywatch obsession, came this fascination with Pamela Anderson. Don't ask. This lead to my Mom & Dad telling me, one Summer in 94' (I was 14), that Baywatch was going to be filming in San Diego at the Hotel Del Coronado. Being AVID supporters of their daughters random obsessions, they offerred to drive me down there to watch. I was beside myself with excitement. It was actually a really cool experience. I got to hang out and watch them film quite a few scenes. I even got to meet David Charvet, whom I was also quite enamoured with as well. To this day, I still have his autograph. I think I ripped the page out of "Bop" magazine....classy.

This is close to the pic I had him sign. LMAO!

He got hotter as he matured. For sure!

Now he's married to Brooke Burke. Butttt...I think his hair is thinning and he's had too much sun.

Wow time flies. Guess what I'll be doing the rest of the evening.....yup, I foresee a marathon of Baywatch episodes courtesy of YouTube. Cheers!

Mother Effer won't here's the link of my favorite season if you're curious.....



  1. Ha! I get nostalgic too and go on YouTube searches. Old commercials also send me back...
    I was a obsessed with Kirk Cameron. He got married...has about 9 kids and got VERY religious. So!

  2. LOL Yup Kirk Cameron went all freaky intense Christian, as did his Sis I think. Gawd I loved Full House & Growing Pains ;)

    Off to watch Baywatch!

  3. I flove this. I do the same thing, but it's mostly with episodes of "Saved by the Bell" and "Jem."