Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm So Excited!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  So typically I post my wedding "stuff" over here, but since this particular post from earlier had Twilight in it, I decided to post it on Twired. It's an invitation vote, so head over there & give me your two-cents!

Moving on... I just started watching "Why Not" with Shania Twain on OWN.  I used to be a huge fan & was super excited to find out where she'd been & what was in store for her future. Shania's  life practically fell apart when she found out her husband and best girlfriend were having an affair with each other.  Oddly enough, she is now with her ex-best girlfriends ex's almost as if they found solace in each other after they'd both been cheated on...and ended up falling in love. Basically, the show chronicles her journey of recovery. All of that sorrow put her into some sort of depression that she says, "stole her voice." Of course not literally, but she truly felt like she couldn't' belt out the same notes anymore & refused to perform until she "got her voice back" so to speak. . During the documentary, she meets with people along that way that each offer some sort of insight & or's fascinating. I especially loved the episode where she goes to Caesar's Palace in Vegas to check out the Colosseum. The higher-ups at Caesar's were trying to convince her to consid singing there for a period of time...much like Celine Dion did for a couple of years.  At that point, she wasn't quite ready, but loved the venue & idea of it all.

It's only been several week since that episode aired & I have been desperately hoping she'd agree eventually. AND GUESS WHAT?!  She did! 

Here's the vid from her press conference in Tennessee (where the CMT awards are taking place this evening)

BLOGGER IS BEING AN A**HOLE and wont let me embed the vid, so here you go.

"Still The One" begins December 1st, 2012! Tickets go on sale June 19th!  There is an AMEX pre-sale, details about that in the vid.

I'm just sooooooo EXCITED!  Speaking of being excited.....I feel like this:

Once again, BLOGGER IS STILL BEING AN A**HOLE, here's the LINK. Watch it, trust me. I guarantee you have felt this way at one point or another in your life.

Back to are some pics of her getting her star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood :)

With her new man <3

Just had to share my excitement.

Thank goodness VEGAS is only a 5-6 hour car ride of 1 hr flight. Woot Woot!


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