Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Periods, Poop & Pee...OH MY!

***First and foremost, this post is full of female-esque' TMI, just sayin'***

That said, you've got to love DG. I realized once again this evening how lucky I truly am.  I was sitting on the toilet peeing of course, as DG walks in to turn on the shower.  Granted we have two bathrooms, but I happened to be in the only one that we shower in. As he walks in, I quickly close my legs, carefully wipe and hurry to flush the toilet while guarding his view.

You see, I'm on my period...

DG's response, "Babe, you know that stuff doesn't bother me..."

Me, "I know, but I'm still trying to spare you the bloody mess."

DG, "It's not a big deal babe..."

I find this funny & very disturbing all at the same time.

Sure we have been together over 6 years, but I know & have heard of many men who would not be that chill about the whole period thing.  Yes he had Sisters, & yes he used to be an EMT....but it's never bothered him. I'm sure some of you are thinking his exposure to these things might lessen his attraction to me...oh contrare (sp?) my dear friends, it truly doesn't phase him.  I even went through cervical surgery a few years back & he dealt with the aftermath of my recovery me freaking out while in the shower because I thought my insides were falling apart...He came in, inspected the evidence and said I'm sure it's just dead tissue babe, remember they explained that, you're ok.

For real?!

DG & I have always been super open with each other...He was misdiagnosed (in his opinion) with Chrones disease at the age of 21 & had 3 feet of his intestine removed....Fortunately he hasn't had any 'major' issues since, so his lifelong symptoms seem more indicative of colistitis or severe IBS.  And myself, well I definitely have anxiety derived IBS to a certain degree. Needless to say, we have both experienced our share of issues together. That said, NO we don't poop in front of each other, but we also aren't secretive about it.  AND YES, we do pee in front of each other.   I still know couples that don't. To each his/her own I guess.

How open are you with your spouse or significant other?  Are they squeamish?

Just curious....

Side note: We don't bump uglies while I'm on my period...he's not into it & I wouldn't dare. I know...maybe we are the weird ones....



  1. He's not on his own. I can understand a woman wanting to be discreet about such things, we're brought up that way, as are guys in some respects.

    Like your man, I've seen some things that make even the heaviest period nothing to write home about. As for 'bumping uglies' during that time, it's never stopped me as long as my partner's been comfortable and I don't attach any thrill or fetish to it...

    I agree on the pooping though, bathroom door's closed for that one!

  2. My husband has witnessed the birth of our daughters and I'm pretty sure nothing could be grosser. According to him. And we'll just leave it at that. :)