Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looks Ridiculous On Me, But It Is Adorable.

Wow, I'm still recovering from my bridal shower.  My Sister Sarah certainly threw a fun Champagne filled Sunday lunch.  I believe my Mom said we went through 12 bottles?! And, we could have gone through more. After every one trickled out, a few of my close friends stayed behind and we continued to drink....man o' man I was pooped by Sunday evening. I will post some pics over at Twired if you're interested.

For now, here's a pic of the delicious spread...


Needless to say, I was still tuckered out this evening. I have had a lovely house guest staying with me from since Saturday...she left this morning. She was truly one of the easiest house guests. Her & @17foreverlisa win the top award for eazy peazy lemon squeezy. But even then, I feel as though I need to sleep for ages.  I have been fighting a cold all weekend, so that wore me out quite a bit too.

Tonight, my Mom came over to help me sort through all my amazing bridal shower gifts. She really didn't get a chance to see everything during the excitement of it all, so this gave her the chance to take everything in.  She was such a huge help!  Looking through everything, I can truly say the gifts were a perfect mix of weddings stuff, candles, lingerie, VS Gift Cards & wine related goodies.

The loot...and that's not all of it.

Oh & speaking of lingerie (which I have never worn)....here's the pic of the most risque' IMO....

WAIT FOR IT..............

So cute, right?!
Looks absolutely ridiculous on me, but it is adorable!

Do you wear lingerie? Does your s/o like it? DG has never really been into it,  he just prefers me naked. But we'll have to see what happens. I'll keep ya posted.

In other news, when my Mom arrived this afternoon she was super eager to show me this new Vogue magazine. She asked if I'd seen it and I said no...wondering why she was so anxious. Trust me I'd know if it was Twilight related. The cast couldn't possibly be in a magazine without my knowledge....Guess I was too quick to think TWILIGHT.  I have to give my Mom some major credit....she opened the magazine and even had the pages marked....Gawd bless her...

Um...haven't seen it, but HELLO ASKARS!

She's so proud that she discovered Mr. Skarsgard in a fashion mag.

Mom, are you trying to kill me with these?

Good job Mom...you killed your daughter via magazine.

Seriously, my Mom was quite proud that she recognized him, and even much more proud that I hadn't seen or known about these pictures. Props to you Mom!

I just have to love how I incorporated Mr. Skarsgard into my Bridal Shower post. Sweet.

If you're married, or have been married, did you have a bridal shower? What was it like?



  1. Omg he's sofa king hawt, it kills me a little. I can't WAIT until you see this past TB episode. You will die. Get a ShamWow. I don't watch it but I've seen pics and gifs.

    So glad you had fun at the bridal shower!!! I've never had one but have been to many many. 7 time national champion of bridesmaids right here!

  2. Oooh am I an anonymouse house guest for a reason? Outting myself right here so everyone knows JAMIE AND AMANDA how awesome I am when I stay with people. Tee hee hee x

    Sunday was awesome. The lingerie is awesome. You are awesome.

  3. Anonymouse! Haha. Nah, just anonymous. Although, Jake would love an anony-mouse!

  4. Jeebus, I'm so glad I skip the magazines on the newstands and in the book store because I would be drooling all over that bad boy in a heartbeat.

    Also, your bridal shower spread - WOW!!!

    So glad you had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing this with us.