Friday, August 26, 2011


Earlier this week, Wednesday to be exact, I went in to my Doctor for a physical. Now, I'm one of those people that only goes to the Doctor if I have an "issue"...a bad cough that just won't go away, a bout of eczema, an injury.... Don't get me wrong, I see my gynecologist every year, but I haven't gone for an overall physical since around 2004. So needless to say, I figured it was about time. 

I did the standard blood work the week before & was a little's in my nature to be a nervous nelly.  Anyways, it turns out all my levels were fine....EXCEPT my cholesterol!  It was a "bit" high.  The my good fat (HDL) was good, but my bad fat (LDL) was a little higher than she'd like to see. I was sort of floored. Now if any of you know me, I'm not an unhealthy that I eat pretty well & exercise.  I asked the Doc what it could be and she asked me the following questions:

1. Do you eat a lot of red meat? No, maybe once or twice a month.
2. Do you eat a lot of fried food? Definitely not.
3. Do you eat a lot of high fat dairy? Um...I drink non fat milk...
4. you eat lots of cheese? YES!

She laughed and said she used to come home from work and eat almost a block of cheddar cheese & crackers while she watched her Soaps. I laughed too & said that cheese is my biggest vice.  I eat it multiple times a day if I can. 

She said mayo and sour cream are also  huge cholesterol culprits...and I love both. It's not that I wasn't aware that cheese, mayo & sour cream aren't good for you, but I think I just didn't realize exactly how much I was consuming. She said if my good fat had been low, she'd be more worried, but basically just said I should cut down on those products a bit.  SIGH............

After our talk about my blood work, she looked at all my moles [I hate that word with a passion] and freckles and said they all looked fine, phew!  Then it was time to tell me that I needed a whooping cough vaccine. I knew it would come up, seeing as my Sister just had one.  She mentioned since I was 6 yrs out on my tetanus, that she'd include that too. Soooo, I got a TDAP, which is a Tetanus/Whooping Cough/Diphtheria combo. Fabulous. I know tetanus shots tend to hurt, and ES ended up being really sore and running a fever from her TDAP shot....I wasn't thrilled.

If only this bitch knew how bad her arm is going to hurt...

So yes, the shot stung. And yes it was a bit sore all day yesterday. But by the evening, it was killing me. When I went to get in to bed I had a split second memory lapse and went to lay on my left side as per usual...


That hurt like a bitch! Holy sh*t it was bad.  I ended up crying for about 2 minutes. I literally spent the whole evening trying not to roll over into my favorite sleeping position. Even this morning it feels as though someone treated my left should like a punching bad.


Apparently they are making most people get them these day...Good luck!


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